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To become a True Life Centers member you must:


      • Be a Born Again Believer, Accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord of your life. This can be one or both parents.
      • Regularly attend a Bible Believing Church.
      • Home School to provide a Christian Education.
      • Use a Bible based Curriculum.
      • Pay a $35 one time sign up fee.
      • We need a members confirmation letter from your church or pastor.
      • Pay an annual $10 renewal fee by August 1st of each year.
      • Plan one field trip each year.  Field trip must be planned no later than the 2nd week of May of that current school year to receive membership.
      • You may teach or co-teach a class or help set up or clean up one of the TLC planned events in place of your field trip planning.
      • If unable to do a field trip, then you will need to pay a $35 renewal fee to remain a active member.


True Life Centers purpose is to be a Christian Home School support group. We work together to plan functions, field trips and classes with courtesy and respect for one another. We coordinate field trips, classes and parties for our students and welcome our parents to come and be a part. We organize events which will maximize attendance by scheduling events that do not conflict.   Participation in True Life Center activities are reserved for TLC members only.  Perspective members may be invited by a True Life Centers member and may attend one activity with the purpose of seeing if they are interested in joining the TLC group.

If you want to join True Life Centers, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.r

List steps to become a member of True Life Centers

How does one start to homeschool?

  • You must first answer the question "why are we homeschooling?" 

How do I get teaching materials?

  • There are many good curriculum publishers.   See Curriculum for some publishers.

Are there support groups in my area?

  • If you are in Michigan, you can go to INCH and search by ZIP CODE for the nearest homeschool support group.
  • If you are in Ohio, you can go to Ohio Support Groups

Does True Life Centers have field trips?

  • Certainly! If you become an member of True Life Centers, you will have access to the True Life Centers Events Calendar and you can participate with other homeschoolers on field trips.
  • If you have suggestions for a field trip, let us know!  Go to our Suggest an Event Page and let us know! 

Does True Life Centers have any classes for students?

  • Yes, when parents decide to offer a class, they set the age group and the requiremens.  In the past we have had tennis, bowling, writing with MLA, government, and the like.

This will list functions for members.