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Alicia RayI want to share the journey of finding God’s replacement for this group.  This journey started about two years ago. I felt as if it were time for me to step down. I knew that it wasn’t my group but God’s!  I wanted to be sure that He confirmed to me who He wanted before I could step down.

God would bring people across my path and I would begin to ask the Lord for His plan.  I even considered some of you and shared that I was looking for the person God had for the group. But with each conversation I would fall back and pray and ask God to confirm. But the sense of complete peace never came.  It was as if God was blocking the transfer.  

I felt God was showing me that He wanted to take this group to another level.  As I observed the group as a whole and the groups that have branched out from this group, I realized that we needed to add to our group someone who could lead and equip our families in a different direction then me.   We needed to strengthen our families from within. We needed to reconnect them together in unity. 

I was saddened to hear that a few of our new members felt isolated or snubbed instead of encouraged when we got together. That saddened me that we had become so self absorbed and independent that we no longer reach out to new members and welcome and encourage them. That needed to change!

 I felt as if God needed a new leader who could become involved and help us to become a team.  We had to become sensitive to others and encourage the underdog or shy ones that they have a voice too.  We needed to change our focus from self needs to serving others.  This was what I felt that God had been waiting to show me.

Then a few months ago, God brought Alicia across my path, just to buy a candy bar. God had a bigger plan than chocolate.  I had known Alicia and her family through the TLC group for many years.  We had spoken on several occasions over the years about our families, struggles and God’s guiding hand.  I came to know Alicia as someone who relied on God in the face of much adversity.

She shared with me about how in awe she was of God’s plan for her life. She shared some of the ministries that God had called her and her daughters to do.  This past year she was honored with the title of Homemaker of the Year for Monroe County. She feels humbled and Blessed to have received such a title. This is something she would never have even imagined doing just a year ago. But God has a plan.  She is now a first time grandma, Congratulations! This is the year of first…for Alicia.

As we continued to share, I felt prompted to consider Alicia for this position. I felt assured that she was someone who loved the Lord with all of her heart.  I knew Alicia as a team player and willing to work together to accomplish a goal. She is an organizational person with a compassionate heart. I felt excited about God’s prompting.

In sharing, Alicia realized the Lord had been dropping ideas in her head to share with me for the last year. It wasn’t until the Lord brought us together did she come to realize the bigger picture. He was preparing her with the ideas but she would be the one He was calling to implement them.   I thank God for His confirmation to both of us.   He is Faithful!  I hope you will all welcome Alicia as your new leader.

Pat Turner