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Pat TLCTrue Life Centers originated out of my own personal miracle from God.  Because of a heart wrenching cry to God for help, I told him, “I can’t do what you called me to do.  I am not able to home school my children.  I am overwhelmed.  I need your help and direction to be able to do this."


When I came back from this pilgrimage prayer walk with the Lord, I had a phone message waiting for me. Someone had called and invited me to an Abeka book sale at their home.  I decided to go just for some new hope.


There were several home schooling moms there.  I ended up talking to a Pastors wife who also had a large family that she was home schooling. She shared about the curriculum that she was using but stated it was only available through a Christian School that was a part of her church. She did not think it was available for home schooled families to purchase. I asked her the name of the curriculum and where it was located and decided it was worth a call. It now felt like a mission for me direct from God.



I called first thing in the morning.  I was told that the school had just voted yesterday (at the time I was crying out to God) that they would now open up their curriculum to the home schooling community.  After sharing with the woman at ACE my own personal miracle and more conversation, I was told if I could come up with a group of home school families that wanted to join together and form a satellite school and pay the school fee that we would save 45 percent off the curriculum.  It was worth a try.


I began making phone calls and we had a total of five families that each paid $125 to form a school, a total of $625 dollars.  We prayed and decided on the school name , True Life Centers, because we represented the True Life (Jesus Christ) and we were many individual centers (homes) of learning. We also decided on blue and white as our school colors. Royalty and Purity were the reasons behind the colors. We also voted on our current bylaws. They have been in effect since 1988.


God began his plan for the True Life Centers group. Whenever something was needed He would raise up individuals with the skills and vision to see it through. When someone stepped down, we would wait until God brought someone to fill the position. I give Him all the Glory. It is and always will be His group.  He continues to be faithful and maintains and leads it in the direction He wants it to go.


I feel honored that my heart wrenching prayer years ago would position me and stretch me to be the leader of this group for 26 year.  Looking back over the years and the 297 families that are registered as True Life Centers members, I am in awe.  I have seen God’s hand change the future of many families. It is truly a miracle that only God could have orchestrated. I Praise Him!



The Lord began to prompt me a couple of years ago about replacing myself.  This decision has taken much time and prayer and talking with different individuals.  I believe that God has directed me to retire and hand over God’s “True Life Centers” group to Alicia Ray. Alicia and I have shared and prayed and we both feel at peace and excited about what God is about to do. He is calling each of us on a new journey.

Alicia Ray, I release the care and leadership of True Life Centers to your leadership and God’s care.  Congratulations and Blessings.


Working together in Christ,

Pat Turner